Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still Winter Here

It's science fair time. Dr. Jack titled his project "Heart Beat Nice and Neat". We had fun taking his pulse at different times and predicting if it would go up or down.

Cole's class was working on bridges and Cole's bridge project "Eggselent Arches" held almost 20 pounds!
Here is Haven conquering the bunny hill. Love the smile on her face!

Here's our Winter Wonderland. We needed this snow after quite a long spell without it!

Neighborhood kids galore standing in their fortress.

Before Feb vacation we went down to Lake George for their Winter Carnival. The kids had a great time walking on the Lake and watching the helicopter repeatedly take off and land on the ice. It sure was cold, though.

The weather sure has been strange. On Wednesday we woke to quite a bit of snow and the kids welcomed the snow day and spent the ENTIRE day outside. We then hoped for more snow but Thursday and Friday brought steady rain and turned the beautiful snow slushy and brown. Funny because West and East of us got slammed. Tom had a slow drive here yesterday but made it in time for dinner. Now we again wake up to beautiful snow and are hoping to get to West Mountain today or tomorrow. Haven just finished her six week ski program and she took the magic carpet to the top of the tiny slope yesterday. She is so proud of herself. Here are some recent pictures taken in our winter wonderland.

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